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Cyngor Sir Caerfyrddin 100% Hunan Bweru Gydag Ynni Adnewyddadwy

Cyngor Sir Caerfyrddin 100% Hunan Bweru Gydag Ynni Adnewyddadwy

A Public Question to Councillor Cefin Campbell was rasied by Greg Parker of Carmarthenshire Energy at the County Council Meeting 3/3/21 – Corporate Budget:

“The Budget Digest 2020/21 published 1/2/21, made no mention of new renewable energy installations in the 5 year budget, which could help the Council meet its Net Zero Carbon Plan by 2030.
The entire energy requirements of the Council, 20GWh electricity and 44GWh heating per year, could be provided renewably by investing in solar panels with battery backup installed on buildings and carparks where the energy is used, for self-consumption only, at a cost of around £41m, fully funded by interest free Government Salix loans, at no cost to Carmarthenshire’s Council Tax payers.

The Salix loans would be paid back over 8 years through energy savings. Then all energy would be free of charge to the Council, saving £4.8m / year, which could be used to provide better services to the community.

Details and calculations available at: CCCRenewableEnergyInvestment.pdf

Question: Why is the Council not taking advantage of this ideal opportunity to become self-sufficient in renewable energy?”

The answer from Cefn Campbell was sadly evasive and defensively self-praising, bigging up the paltry steps that had been taken so far and giving no commitment to even seriously look at the proposals made by Carmarthenshire Energy.