Mynd i'r cynnwys

Buddsoddi cronfeydd pensiwn byd-eang i ddatrys yr Argyfwng Hinsawdd

Buddsoddi cronfeydd pensiwn byd-eang i ddatrys yr Argyfwng Hinsawdd

Can we solve the Climate Emergency?

There are an estimated £37 trillion invested by pension holders in funds globally, including in fossil fuel companies.

If that were to be invested in solar panels with battery backup we would generate 37,000TWh of electricity per year. This is more than the current total electricity requirement for the whole world of 25,000TWh.

This will encourage faster transition to electrical transportation and heating. It would generate an income of £5.5 trillion per year which can be re-invested in more solar panels and batteries each year. Keep re-investing each year and within 12 years you have enough renewable electricity generation to power the whole world’s total energy requirements of 164,000TWh per year, including heating, transportation, shipping and aviation, while at the same time providing a return on investment of £25 trillion per year to pension investors.

This is absolutely outstandingly simple and easily possible. It requires no additional investment by governments or individuals.

This is your money as pension contributors. You have a decision on how your money is invested. Do not leave it to a few fund managers to gamble your money away on volatile stock markets. Impress on your pension managers to invest instead in renewable energy. If enough of us do this, we can solve the crisis.

Make your money matter.

For calculations view the spreadsheet here – Sheet “World Pension Fund”

For details of the Really Simple Plan and assumptions made, click here.